The fastest website in the world

This is the fastest website in the world. Don’t even try, you will not be able to find anything as fast as this website!

I am tired of people, clients, and developers being too much obsessed with speed. The only way to have a super-fast website is to have a website with almost nothing!

Humans complain too much! They say walking is slow, so they invented the bicycle. Now they say the bicycle is slow, they invented motorbikes. Now they say motorbike is slow, they invented the car. Now they say, the car is slow, they invented a plane. Now they say a plane is slow, they invented rockets. Now they say rocket is slow? What do you all want? To teleport or to disappear and appear anywhere in seconds? And what is next after that?


You cannot please Google!

Some of you want to please Google. I am sorry to break your heart, you cannot please Google. Even Google cannot please Google.

For example, check Google blog, does it pass the core web vitals test? NO!

If Google cannot please Google, then who are you to please Google?

If you are obsessed with pleasing Google then remove all ads from your site, remove all subscription forms. Remove everything that helps you convert. Only plain texts. No images. No styling whatsoever. Just plain texts like this. Google will be happy but your pocket will not be happy.

Focus on your content. Stop trying to please Google.


Core Web Vitals update

What is that again? Well, another way to put webmasters under pressure? Maybe or maybe not.

The bad news is that no matter how you optimize your website if you have a good percentage of your readers from countries with slow internet, you will fail the real-world test of Core Web Vitals.

A list of websites that failed Core Web Vitals tests include:

If you fail the CWV test, you belong to a list dominated by the big guys.


Why this website?

I created this website just to please Google. I hope they are happy with how fast this website is. Yes, I can sleep well tonight because I have pleased Google.

If your clients complain too much after you have done everything. Show them this website. Ask them if they want all pages in their website looking like this.

I hope bloggers, webmasters, eCommerce operators, and others will realize that this rat race is taking us nowhere. It is more beneficial to spend your energy building great content and something worthwhile. Whether Facebook loads in 1 second or 2 seconds, Facebookers will wait or come back. Build something worthwhile. People will look for you! For the human eyes, 1 second does not make much difference. Your users are human, not bots.


Recommended resources

Let me try to help. If you want a super-fast website then use 11ty or any other lean static site generators.

But if you use WordPress like this website then use a fast web host like Kinsta. Forget most others, they are hyped! Closte is good if you can handle things yourself without support. Their support is bad. Kinsta has support at least and is the fastest web host.

Use a fast theme like GeneratePress.

Lastly, beware of buying plugins. Too many plugins claiming to do the magic. Most of them are just trying to grab your money. A free plugin like Asset CleanUp and Autotomize is good enough. The only premium alternative is perfmatters.

Try to generate critical CSS. It will help solve lots of issues. Minify and concatenate JS and CSS. Compress and lazy load images. If you cannot do all this manually then WP Rocket can do it all for you.

Focus on your content. Stop trying to please Google.

Thank you for visiting the fastest website ever

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