I am Joost van der Schee and I have founded Usecue BV (LLC) in 2007. I create and host elegant hand-coded websites and web applications for my clients. My focus lies on efficiency and quality in the design and development process. Usecue specializes in building custom solutions and mainly works for advertising agencies and graphic designers.

I have studied Industrial Design Engeneering at the Technical University in Delft. This has provided me with an analytical view of the design process and human-computer interaction.

I am a Linux fan, but I am also a big fan of CloudCannon, an online CMS system for Jekyll. CloudCannon recently mentioned me on their ‘experts page’. I launched jekyllcodex.org and I reached over half a million people by answering Jekyll-related questions on Stack Overflow. Apart from Jekyll/CloudCannon websites I also develop WordPress, Issuu, MailChimp and Shopify solutions. Finally, I have also created open source invoicing software, called ‘Invoice Lion’ and a platform for producing online magazines, called ‘Without Coding’.

Interested? Please contact me! I would love to get to know you and hear about your project.

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