About me

My name is Joost van der Schee and I am a web developer based in Amsterdam. I have studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Technical University in Delft and founded ‘Usecue’ in 2007. My first priority is my family, but my work is absolutely number two. I love what I do, which is building beautiful websites and web applications.

All websites I build are well-coded and have good SEO. This is reflected by their excellent Google score, an objective quality measurement of a website. Quality is very important to me. I strongly believe that each job worth doing is worth doing well.

I am a big fan of Jekyll (a website generator). To help fellow Jekyll-enthusiasts, I have launched jekyllcodex.org and I answer Jekyll-related questions on Stack Overflow. CloudCannon (an online CMS for Jekyll) mentioned me as a Jekyll expert on their ‘experts page’. I was also one of the speakers on JekyllConf 2019.

Apart from Jekyll/CloudCannon websites I also develop WordPress, Issuu, MailChimp, Shopify and custom web solutions. My latest projects include open source invoicing software, called ‘Invoice Lion’, a progressive web app (PWA) for my company and a platform for producing online magazines, called ‘Without Coding’.


Joost van der Schee
Me with my two fantastic kids

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