About me

My name is Joost van der Schee and I am a web developer from Amsterdam. I studied Industrial Design at TUDelft. In 2007 I founded Usecue BV. My first priority is my family, but my work is definitely number two.

I build websites with an absolute minimum of code. Why? First of all because I find it a fun challenge, but also because it produces lightning-fast websites which are less bad for the environment. They use less computing power on the computer, and that is not only ‘greener’ and better for the search engine (SEO), but also much cheaper (about 10 times). These savings allow me to offer more competitive prices and provide more service than my competitors.

I use static site generators a lot. To help myself and fellow enthusiasts, I set up Jekyll Codex and Hugo Codex, documenting my solutions. I also answer Jekyll related questions on Stack Overflow and I have built a CMS for Hugo. I serve my customers with this CMS.

In addition to Hugo websites, I develop custom solutions. For example, I build lightweight e-commerce solutions with sales of more than one million euros per year. My most recent project is a platform for creating online magazines.


Joost van der Schee Me with my two fantastic kids

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