June 5, 2021
Elon Musk has been warned

Anonymous has warned Elon Musk. Elon has been telling us that technology will save our planet, while he recently invested heavily in (and profitted from) the most polluting business on earth today: the bitcoin. That has infuriated quite a lot of people.

Anonymous has warned Elon Musk

Hypocracy like that (and at this scale) is exactly what baffles Greta Tunberg. I just watched her speak at TED and her words hit me like a hammer. ‘There is no hope’, she said. Not unless we change our behaviour and/or our legislations RIGHT NOW.

There are no rules against burning coal and oil. Elon Musk has taken advantage from that. He inspired a bitcoin run so large, GPU processing power (the main ingredient for bitcoins, next to fossil fuels) have instantly tripled in price. Can you imagine the amount of fossil fuels that are wasted every second to acquire this virtual wealth? Even Elon himself supposedly suddenly realized that this was a bad thing, which is quite hard to believe.

Greta Tunberg reminds us that real wealth is created by honoring human rights, biodiversity and taking care of the world we live in and NOTHING else. We are all part of the problem, as long as we are not part of the solution. It has become painfully clear that we have nothing to expect from technology and people like Elon Musk.

We are all part of the problem, as long as we are not part of the solution.

I hope Anonymous will be easy on Elon. Revenge has never brought us anything. However, I also hope they have scared him (and his fellow billionaires). Jeff, Bill and Elon, all have the money and power to save the earth, yet they are investing it in other things, like medicine, batteries and financial growth. With great power comes great responsibility. I hope they will listen to Greta.

We all need to act now.

()  Joost van der Schee

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