July 3, 2016
From Wordpress to Cloud­Cannon

I am a web designer and I create elegant, hand-crafted websites for my clients. I have recently made the switch from WordPress to CloudCannon. 

Wordpress could do everything I needed, but my main concerns with using Wordpress were the lack of security (due to third party plugins), the high maintenance cost and the lack of version control. I wanted a platform my clients loved and that would reduce the risk and work for me.

I found CloudCannon and thought “Wow, fantastic! This is the solution I’ve been dreaming about.” I now spend less time coding, I can get sites live faster and I no longer have to worry about security or back-ups.

“Wow, fantastic! This is the solution I’ve been dreaming about.”

I develop sites on my local computer. But if a client site needs tweaking urgently, I can login to CloudCannon on any computer, anywhere in the world and quickly make updates using the online code editor. My clients also gave CloudCannon the thumbs up. They found updating in CloudCannon easier and could update sections of the site they couldn’t before. 

I have created some unique additions to my CloudCannon sites to make the client experience even smoother. First of all I use an image resizing service, to make sure clients do not have to worry about file sizes and cropping of images. Secondly, I have added a low traffic CDN for these resized images to improve reliability, performance and SEO. Finally, I have created a form builder to be able to easily create static forms that can be submitted through FormSubmit, FormSpree or FormBucket.

With the help of the amazing CloudCannon team I am able to offer a professional managed hosting solution. This solution includes an online CMS, an online code editor, full version control, external hosting (if required), no vendor lock in (because Jekyll is open source) and a very happy developer.

()  Joost van der Schee

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