April 1, 2021
Instagram interface icons

I have created a web tool that allows you to easily publish your Instagram feed on your website, called ‘PPI Loader’.

To illustrate how this tool works I created a demo. I used the original interface icons from Instagram for this demo, but to my surprise those were PNG images instead of SVG (vector). Strange enough I could not find any vector variants online, so I dedicated some of my time to create them for you.

Instagram interface icon heart like Like

Instagram interface icon video Video

Instagram interface icon comment Comment

Instagram interface icon carousel album Carousel

Instagram interface icon carousel album Play button

Instagram interface icon carousel album IGTV

They weigh around 1.5kb each. From now on I will only use these! Note that they are the intellectual property of Instagram. When you use them solely to display your Instagram feed this seems no problem to me.

Happy coding!

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