April 23, 2023
What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting usually means ‘website hosting including support’. You can see managed hosting as a website as a service, while regular hosting can be better compared to hardware as a service.

The advantage of managed hosting is that you are not responsible for the operation of your website. It seems as if parties such as MijnDomein, Hostnet and Antagonist also take all the work off your hands, but in reality that is absolutely not the case. Some parties even call their hosting ‘managed hosting’ while it is not. The question to ask is: If your website is not working, whose problem is that? And do they answer the phone? And when they answer the phone, do they solve the problem, or do they bounce the ball back?

In addition, with our managed hosting we also sell the best CMS in the world… and provide support for it. Get over that with your hosting provider! Are they going to patiently explain to you on the phone how WordPress works? With me, support on our CMS is always included.

Of course it is cheaper not to purchase managed hosting and to be responsible for the updates / operation of your website yourself… but when you need help it can suddenly become a lot more expensive. Then you easily pay hundred euros an hour and you also have to find someone/a developer yourself. It is not set in stone that ’the cheap way’ is actually cheaper (apart from the headache it causes).

Want to know more about managed hosting? Or do you have other questions? Feel free to ask!

()  Joost van der Schee

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