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Why you should upgrade your website to SSL

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is better known as the S in HTTPS. It stands for an encrypted connection between the website and the visitor. So why should you upgrade? Here are the three main reasons:

1. Security and privacy
The most important reason is that is safer for you and for your visitors to use an SSL website.

2. Higher Google ranking
Google will rank websites with SSL higher then website without SSL. This is Googles way of promoting a safer internet.

3. Authenticity
Give clients and extra reason to trust your company by having that green icon and the word ‘Secure’ before your domain name. In the near future Google will shame you, by showing ‘Not Secure’ on non-SSL pages in Chrome.

So… you want SSL?
If you are a hosting client of Usecue BV, than you are in luck! We will give you a free upgrade on your current billing period. After that you will pay a little extra for SSL (per domain name). Just send an email to and with the code INEEDSSL and we will send you a tailor made offer, including your free period. Do it today!

Usecue  web development
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Usecue  web development