September 21, 2016
Getting started with Jekyll

I have written a three step Getting Started manual for Jekyll. The manual can be followed by anyone (no command line needed). Everything you need to do, can be done in a browser and a text editor.

What is Jekyll? Jekyll is the most popular static site generator available. A lot of big companies, like Google and Netflix use Jekyll for their website development. The Obama campaign (fundraising) website was built with Jekyll.

Why should you use Jekyll/a static site generator? Static sites are quick to develop, simple to adjust, hosting is cheaper and they can be easily optimized for SEO and speed. As a bonus, static websites are extremely stable and they can handle a huge amount of visitors.

So do you want a next-generation website? Follow the Geting Started manual for Jekyll! Your first Jekyll site is only minutes away!

()  Joost van der Schee

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