August 17, 2016
Jekyll against the rest of the world

I’m stood in the center of a room, confident my choice to go all static had been a good one. It’s a serene scene — nothing can touch me.

There are website owners running around wildly, chasing WordPress security vulnerabilities, while at the same time trying to plug holes, which the dubious free plug-ins they downloaded had ripped into their sites.

I see a man standing at the window, bashing his head against it in a slow rhythmic pace. It’s not a medical condition. He’s simply repeating the rate at which his PHP-based, database-driven publishing solution, accepts new requests.

From the corner of my eye I can make out a woman who was frantically flailing her arms about. She was trying to get into the room. Unfortunately, no one would let her in; her website had been infected with malware and whenever someone tried to visit it, there was a warning, urging users to run away as fast as they could.

Static publishing, oh blissful serenity. Why do I like you so much?

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()  Joost van der Schee

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