February 19, 2024
Kinsta is really cheap

No seriously… They let you save up to $290+ per month per site. They even gave a list of what those non-developer costs looked like. Here it is:

Cloudflare Enterprise    $250+
Rocket CDN $8.99
WP Rocket $4
BlogVault $7.41
UpdraftPlus $5.83
Pingdom $10
SSL.com $4

Those costs are insanely high, don’t you think? That is because all these prices are for unlimited websites. So ONLY when you are an agency with just one website, this calculation makes any sense. But even then you could probably choose for a lower tier on these services, paying significantly less. Note that we do have contracts of $300+ per month, but those contracts always include development hours. That is not what Kinsta is talking about.

Saving money sounds great, but what does Kinsta charge you? Well, they charge you $30 per month if you host one website and about $10 per month if you host 50+ websites. But here comes the interesting stuff: this calculation are only valid for Wordpress websites. If you need hosting for a Hugo/static website you get 100 websites for free. Note that they let you host up to 100 sites that share 600 build minutes (on really slow machines?) and only 100 GB of bandwidth per month. Each site can not be larger than 1 GB in build size (which is reasonable). You get one concurrent build per site, which could mean that your deploys are very slow.

Hosting around 100 websites will result in (at least) twice the amount of traffic they offer for free. This means free is not really free either. They give you no information online on what the ‘other half’ of the traffic costs, so beware. You will also have to accept slow build times (as they make money on it) and no concurrent builds (so even slower build times). Getting your website to deploy instantly will therefore be impossible.

We can conclude that Kinsta is a bit cheap when it comes to their marketing. However, hosting static websites at Kinsta could be really cheap as well. You just have to stay within their limits and accept the wait on every deploy.

Don’t want to wait? We have the fix! At Usecue we do not charge you by the minute and our deploys are always instant. Do you like the idea of premium hosting, but you want your website to be truly fast? Just give me a call!

()  Joost van der Schee

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