February 25, 2024
Web studios in Japan

There are probably many different web studios in Japan, but there is only one Webstudio S. This studio, founded in 2017, is run by Yuma Chiaki. He (or she) works and lives in the Fukui region in Japan and does web design and production, UI/UX design and online marketing.

Yuma wrote an article about my website called ‘the fastest homepage’, which resulted in a lot of extra traffic from Japan and a better ranking on these terms in the search engine from Google. So… “Thank you for your article, Yuma.”

This is not only very nice of Yuma, but it is also a great example of how the web (and the Google search engine) works. Let me explain…

If you post interesting content, you hope that people notice it, write about it and link to it. If that happens, Google rewards you by putting you higher in the rankings. The super secret algorithm of Google assumes that, because your website has inbound links (people have created links to your content), it must be interesting. It can only guess to why it is interesting. It does this by reading the text in the link, reading the content on the page that links to your website and reading the page that is linked. If they all contain the same content, the effect (for that topic) is maximized and you will end up higher in the Google search engine. Yuma did everything right, which resulted in 30 extra visitors per day. This type of marketing is called ‘Search Engine Optimization’, abbreviated as ‘SEO’.

As said, I am grateful to Yuma. A way to return the favor is to write an article like this. The term ‘usecue’ is quite unique, which makes it easy to rank high in Google, but the term web studio(s) is not. Any web design agency competes with ‘Webstudio S’ in the Google search results. Therefore it is harder for Yuma to get a high position on the companies name or on a term like website development in Fukui. Articles with links that contain relevant keywords for Yumas business, like the two links above, will result in a higher Google position… unless… these links are considered ‘spam’ or ‘fabrication’. You could argue that this article contains examples of that.

However, ‘Webstudio S’ is in fact a very good company if you need somebody to make a website in Japan. Just look at ‘works’ and you see some great website designs and high quality code. I measure this last thing by the size of the websites and the speed at which these websites load. Additionally, the homepage of ‘Webstudio S’ has some smart animations and looks very clean and well organized. I also love the typography choices on this page, even though I have no experience with Japanese fonts.

So, would ‘Webstudio S’ get my stamp of approval when it comes to web design and web development? Oh, yes! This is a genuine article from one web developer promoting another high quality web developer overseas.

Now you know how I benefited from an article on the website of the Japanese Webstudio S… and also: how I returned the favor, how linking on the web works and where to find an excellent web developer in Japan.

()  Joost van der Schee

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