March 17, 2024
The future of Jamstack

I was looking at On this website you will find a shared vision that is being written, transparently and collectively. I tells stories of the people who live and breathe ‘Jamstack’.

But why is there a website about the future of Jamstack?

When the Jamstack began, it was promoting simplicity, security, scalability, and performance. However, over time this changed. You could say that the Jamstack evolved. You could also say that it got hijacked by javascript frameworks. Whichever is true, the average Jamstack website quickly became more complex, heavier and slower than its monolithic predecessor. This eroded the term ‘Jamstack’.

As a result, people started to lose interst in the term and started differentiating, using terms like ‘static website’ and ‘SPA’. This is a step back in time, as these terms were already in use before the term ‘Jamstack’ was coined. The people at want to find out if there is (still) a future for this eroded (marketing) term ‘Jamstack’.

The website is worth visiting and they even have a newsletter for people who want to stay in the loop.

()  Joost van der Schee

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